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"How You Can Get New Paying Customers For Your Business in The Next 24-48 Hours Using Paid Ads and Sales Funnel Guaranteed

Growing a business is hard. We make it a whole lot easier, quicker, more predictable, less
stressful and more fun.
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My Name is Arun Goswami and I’ve Managed over 15 Crore+ Adspent
and Sold Over 9 FIGURES Worth of Products & Services With Paid Ads
Alone and Now You Can Have Me Run Your Ads For You To Get You
More Customers

The articles you see below are just a few of the features I’ve received thanks to my success
running successful advertising campaigns for hundreds of clients:

Recently I got into 30 UNDER 30 List of Most Influential Entrepreneur by Entrepreneurs Today

On top of all this media coverage I’ve received…


My company Pixxcel also ranked on the Top Design Firms’ list of leading Facebook Ads agencies in India this year.


Here is what Yahoo Finance Magazine has to say about us...

Here is what Disrupt Magazine has to say about us...

Here is a High Ticket Coach's Webinar Lead Magnet Results in 24 Hours

Here is an Ecommerce Store we took it to multiple hundred orders within 72 Hours

Here is a Webinar Registration we took it to over 70 registrants within 6 Hours..

Here is a B2B company, We got 338 booked appointments for that closed 207 so far..

Here is Radisson Blu's Campaign, We got 2 Lakh+ unique visibility by their targeted market..

Here is an IT Company, We got them around 250+ High Quality Leads with 165% ROI in 4 Days..

An Ecommerce store We increased their sales by 623% in under 10 months:

A store that grew 527% in daily revenue which achieved 7 figures last year:

Learning from the best in the world

Some Awards We Got

NOW, Me and My Team Wants to Partner With Your Business To Provide You With INSANE Results, because…

  • The truth is, running effective ads for your business can be very profitable…
  • In fact, your business can grow MUCH faster than ever before…

  • BY getting the ability to partner with a team that practices what they preach after scaling 315+ companies with paid ads alone.

  • Getting 2X, sometimes even 3X back on every dollar you spend.


  • Or maybe even more, when using a PROVEN formula that’s generated over 8 FIGURES…


Why spend thousands, lacks of rupees and countless hours ‘testing’ things that might work when you can simply hire someone who has a proven track record of bringing lots of customers?


I’ve spent over 15+ crore INR in the past 7 years on social media ads testing everything to crack the code…

Testing image after image.

Video after video.

Audience after audience.

And let me tell you this…

It was NOT easy.

Days where I didn’t get a single customer.

There were nights we couldn’t sleep.

Times where I wanted to just stop because nothing was working…

Times when I doubted my business, and wondered if I was ever destined to ‘make it’.

I went through all of this stress…

So other business owners don’t EVER have to.

AND… once I perfected a PROVEN formula to running profitable ads online that gets businesses more customers… it became my ritual and duty.

That’s when my clients and I started to see results like these

What Rahul Bhatnagar has to say about business owners who are scared to invest in paid marketing

What Saurabh Bhatnagar has to say about business owners who are scared to invest in paid marketing

“Hello everyone so this is Rohan, A communication and soft skill coach, I want to give a big shout out to my friend Arun and his Team Pixxcel, earlier I was not able to generate good quality leads for my program, but Arun helped me out with the quality as well as the number of Leads and they have generated 367+ high-quality Leads for my program from which I have converted almost 33% people so thank you so much Arun and Pixxcel for designing this amazing funnel for me. I highly recommend Pixxcel, if you want to grow your business super fast.”

“Hey, Pankaj here and I am the founder of beatbox solutions and I am recording this video to give a big shoutout to Arun and his company Pixxcel. These guys have helped me to get over 150+ confirmed appointments. I loved their work. I highly recommend them.” 

“Hi, this is Pratik from Thakura. Arun and Pixxcel helped me in getting a lot of leads for my website development company. Arun has a lot of knowledge of Facebook and really knows what he is doing. Thanks to Arun and his team Pixxcel”
“Hey Saqib here and I got full-funnel made by Pixxcel. It was really good so they did very good work and I really enjoyed working with them. I highly recommend them. I am very happy with their work”
“It is a company worth investing in. So if I were you, I would definitely invest with Arun. He can give you great results” – Titu Jason

And My Proven Ads and Customer Acquisition Strategies Have Worked In Many Industries Such As

✅ E-Commerce

✅ Local Businesses

✅ Real Estate

✅ Social Media Marketing/PR

✅ Insurance

✅ Professional Services

✅ Business-To-Business

✅ Coaching

✅ Health/Fitness/Sports

✅ Finance/Trading

✅ Artists/Musicians

✅ Influencers/Personal Branding

✅ SaaS


AND… even MORE!

Here is Our Entire Advertisement Process

  1. Evaluation: We evaluate your business, competition and other digital assets, find areas where we can increase your conversion rate, implement better systems and strategies with proven conversion boosting tactics.

  2. AD Campaign Structure: We condense and simplify your ad campaigns, create new hyper targeting audiences, implement new creatives, hone in on your highest paying customers while targeting them at scale.

  3. Automation: We introduce extreme level automation into your ad campaigns and funnels so that you keep on generating leads, sales and more results on autopilot 24/7.

  4. Next Opportunity: Once your campaign structure is fixed, not we focus on increasing your return on ad spend, optimizing your upsells/downsells and making sure your average order value increases so you profit more on less ad spend.
  5. Scaling: Once your ads are fully-optimized and your campaigns are generating consistent results, this is where we increase your ad spend with confidence and profit 3x or more on every ruppee you spend.

Some Brands We Have Worked With

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Are You Ready To Scale Your Business With Online Advertisements?

✅ You are commited to grow your business.

✅ You want maximum results as soon as possible.

✅ You want to crush your competition and dominate your market.

Frequently Asked Questions

We get this question a lot but as long as you have prior sales, social proof and a proven business model we can use our proven Paid Ad Campaign Structure to bring your business more leads, sales, and decrease your ad costs by up to 30%.

Our on-boarding process has been streamlined over the years to make sure you can have your system ready with ads running within 72 hours. That first week will show us progress and the data we need to piggy back the best audiences, creatives and offer.

Retargeting is actually a lot cheaper since we have had more touch points with that potential buyer to convince them to be a buyer with a no-brainer offer/ad. Email or whatsapp is great and we pride ourselves on running successful email and whatsapp campaigns but having retargeting ads as well can pull in 2x the buyers. Who would say no to 2x more buyers??

Yes, we do more than just Facebook. We run ads on multiple platforms such as Instagram, Google, Snapchat, YouTube and more!

We work with businesses of all sizes, but in order to start with us we would first need to know more about your business, your costs, and current performance of your systems and ads which we can go over on the phone with you when you get started with us below.

Over the past 7 years, Arun has scaled 315+ businesses that we still work with to this very day and have generated our clients well over 9 Figures from their Paid Ad Campaigns alone.

After working with various niches and verticals from Ecom, Health, Fitness, Coaching, Consulting, Beauty, Decor, Home, Real Estate, Local Businesses, Service Based Businesses, Course Creators and Many More B2B/B2C Businesses... We Are Confident In Our Paid Ads Campaign Structure and Have Seen This Work Across SO Many Industries and Verticals That We Know No Matter What Business You Run, We Can Improve The Performance of Your Paid Ads and brings you more results!